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read carefully
Published on Sep 08th, 2021 10:34 pm

dear members,read carefully

-we sent reward to the contest winners ,you can check it now

-important thing is, due to heavy losses memberships except standard will be closed soon,investors balances(main and pb) will be resetted,those who never get atleast 120% r.o.i,send support ticket

for example if you invested 100$ ,you dont get 120$(20$ profit) as profit,you can send support ticket(its not scam,scam means robbing your money,i am giving you 120% r.o.i)

-And one good news- minimum payment will be reduced to 1$


minimum payout
Published on Aug 13th, 2021 04:24 pm


the minimum payout for standard members increased to 4$ and upgraded members remain same-0.25$

-transaction fee 0% for all members

-membership price increased, just check the upgrade table

-sorry for the changes



Published on Jun 11th, 2021 02:59 pm

hello,dear members,read carefully: there are major changes to membership plans(see in upgrade page) and rented referrals  updated.

-Already upgraded members send support ticket(I will give  free membership+ rented referrals) 

offer:1-premium membership+200 rented referrals only for 40$(save 5$)

offer:2-ultimate membership+500 rented referrals only for 95$(save 15$)


-minimum payout reduced to 0.25$

-members those who click cheat ad by mistake send a support ticket

-hello dear members clicks contest is active, contest works on ptc ads,offer4all,clixwall,skippy ads,monlix ads.

Note: each and every offerwalls click will also count(eg:if you click one ad in offer4all,your click also counted)


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